The Global Organization for PHA

The Global Organization for PHA is a member-driven, non-profit initiative to accelerate the development of the PHA-platform industry. Polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) provide a unique opportunity as a solution for reducing greenhouse gases, the environmental plastics pollution and establishing a circular economy, by offering a range of sustainable, high-quality and competitive products and materials based on renewable feedstocks and offering diverse end-of-life options.
GO!PHA provides a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge and developments, and to facilitate joint development initiatives.


Communication, Policy and Legislation

Educating key public and private stakeholders about the benefits of PHA-polymers, by developing objective technical, environmental and pre-commercial communication. Advocating legislative and market adoption drivers, and identifying and overcoming barriers for further PHA-polymers adoption.

Reports, white papers and opinion pieces

Market proliferation.png

Market perception & proliferation

Improving market perception about the application development options and multiplying on success, by showcasing best practices. Creating an informative channel to present the realm of product and application development options and to develop objective inter-material replacement data.

Show cases, best practices, product information

Technology development.png

Technical & scientific knowledge development

Accelerating the implementation of technical and scientific developments across the industry, by sharing processes, methods and tools to improve the overall PHA-polymer competitiveness. Facilitating pre-competitive research and create a forum for development partnerships on matters of common interest.

Joint technology and application development programs